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    There still seems to be some disputes between The Angels Fans and The Dodgers Fans as to which of their teams is the Real Los Angeles Team. I hope this information will help clear some things up for the fans of these two teams. I grew up being a fan of both Southland Teams; but, I have to say, I do have had some conflicts of interests (like a lot of Dodgers Fans) when The Angels Organization decided to diss the Major League City they play in (Anaheim, since 1993) and latched onto a Major League Cty they don’t play in–the one The Dodgers play in. If that wasn’t enough, The Angels Front Office and its newest fans since 2002 go on about how The Angels are L.A’s Real MLB Team, whereas The Dodgers are transplants from New York. A lot of their argument is based on the History of the PCL Franchise which was also called the Los Angeles Angels until they relocated to Washington State in the Late 1950’s. They claim that The PCL Angels and The MLB Angels are one and the same. Their concept is a false one. 

          Even so, it doesn’t matter that The MLB Angels originated in Los Angeles (in 1961) and The Dodgers originated in Brooklyn. It doesn’t matter that Los Angeles is Spanish for “The Angels.” If the PCL Angels of old and the MLB Angels were one and the same (which THEY’RE NOT), that wouldn’t even matter. What matters is, is which Designated Major League City The Angels and The Dodgers play in NOW, and which Major League City each team pays taxes too. Whether people, particularly Angels Fans after 2002, like it or not, the City of Anaheim is a Designated Major League City now. 

         The Angels play in Anaheim and pay taxes to Anaheim, and have done so since 1966. That is over 40 years. The Dodgers, on the other hand, have played in the City of Los Angeles and paid taxes to that city over one half a century now. All in all, however, both teams represent the City and County of Los Angeles now, and neither represents Orange County; however, one team actually plays there, and the other is “Los Angeles” in name only, making the team which actually  plays in Los Angeles the “Real Deal,” but that is just my opinion.

  In short, fans of these two teams need to quit focusing on “What was (past)” and focus on “What is (Present).”

He’s Here!!!



Hideki Matsui signed a one year deal with the Anaheim Angels during the 2009-10 Off Season. Matsui was the 2009 World Series MVP when the New York Yankees defeated The Phillies in the 2009 World Series. Next year, The Angels will no longer have Vlad, Figgins, or Lackey. Will “Godzilla” be able to fill any shoes during the 2010 Season, or is The Angels Glory Years finally coming to a stand-still?


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